Is my ISP blocked?

I recently came home to Aus and now can't seem to get on the site for without using a proxy.

The residential IP range of my ISP (Internode) - was blocked so yes. Unblocked now. Drastic measures were taken some months ago due to ridiculous amounts of bandwidth raping.

As an aside, I'm sticking this thread because this comes up from time to time. If you can't access the site except through a proxy, yes, you are probably IP banned. I don't like IP banning whole blocks but it got way out of hand. Why? I'll tell you why - one user, 41.93 gigs in what appears to be 8 or less days. Yes, I'm looking at you Now imagine multiple people from a lot of Chinese ISPs doing this all at once.

I don't care if someone downloads the entire 180k plus images. Just take your time, ok? 3dbooru is not Danbooru, Shittykaku or 4chan. We don't have a huge pipe on this server and when you rip the entire site you are taking away from folk who are just browsing content instead of a ripping everything to start their own 'booru or archive the whole internet (hi artefact, yes we know where most of the seed images on the idol site came from). So rape the site slowly, ok?

Champion, thanks dude.