Crouching? Why not?

In terms of anatomy and physiology, why should a woman crouch down? Why not?

In my opinion, there's nothing wring with crouching down.
From a standing position, bend your knees so that you are balancing on ends of your feet while in a sitting or squatting position. Spread your knees and bend your spine down so you are facing closer to the ground. Extend your feet down even mortem so that your feet are almost vertical. Now you should already have your arms and hands supporting your balance and some weight in the front.
Congratulations, you now pose like a gorilla in a crouched position.
Women have tiny boarders, I understand, but pressure on the uterus or bladder should not be an issue since stage preparations are necessary to pose for long period of time as is normal for a photo shoot. On the gross side of things, the vagina is not really connected at any point to the leg muscles so stretching will not open or stretch the vagina.
So then why are there so few photos straight on, with a pitch up from below crouching/ squatting models?

In fact, I don't understand why more models done stretch, shower, exercise, and generally capture life moments while ignoring the camera.

Is there a way to request poses? Has anyone tried requesting a pose? I had tried many years ago, but failed when asking a photographer.

Crouching or squatting. Why or why not?