Remove spaces from all Japanese names due to multiple types of spaces making it far more complicated to search otherwise. This also makes it simpler to search the wiki without worrying about if you have or need a zero-width space or real space in the name you entered.



Free-for-all. Minimum of name in Japanese.


Moon: Japanese name, reading optional.
Cure: Either the ID or Missing if page does not exist/cannot be found.
Cosp: (optional, rare.) id on

Anything else you wish (birthdate, sizes etc) is completely optional and has no unified format/standards.


(Wiki-linked character page) is a character in (Wiki-linked copyright page).

Append a character description if you wish but it should be limited to visual elements to help distinguish said character from other characters.


(Use a lowercase 'H4' to get the correct header format.)

(Romanized name) ((Japanese name)) is a (original media) by (author/studio).

H4. Characters

(Wiki-linked character listing for characters who have posts)


(Song Title) ((Japanese title)) is a song for (character).

NicoNico Broadcast: (Original video)

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