Tagging and/or Wiki standards and guidelines

I've enjoyed this site for quite some time now and would like to contribute to it in some small way. However, I don't follow any models or cosplayers anywhere outside of this site, so I probably can't contribute much in the way of uploads. I was thinking I could help by tagging and making changes to wiki entries, but I wanted to ask some questions first.

Is there a specific level of tagging that is considered "ideal"? I've been able to find specific does and don't by looking through the forum and wiki, but no overall standard, other then a few things like "no positions" and "not as dense as danbooru". I want to be helpful, not a nuisance.

I also have the same question, except with regard to wiki pages and the level of detail there. If you have different things in mind for different types of tags, that would also be helpful.

Finally if you have examples of posts and/or wiki entries that you consider ideal that you could link and just say "make it like this" that would be very helpful.

Thanks again for your work on this site.